Old Course – Links Golf in the West of Ireland

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1st Hole

Par: 4 … Index: 8/3

Blue: 381yds
White: 373yds
Green: 363yds
Red: 344yds

A tee shot towards the right side of the fairway provides the best line for your approach shot to an elevated green well protected by deep bunkers short and a sharp bank to the right.   A great green to hit in regulation and par always a good score here.

2nd Hole

Par: 5 …Index: 14/7

Blue: 534yds
White: 523yds
Green: 510yds
Red: 484yds

Heading back toward the village, try to place your tee shot in between the two sets of fairway bunkers.  Your 2nd shot should be placed carefully to avoid the 6 bunkers waiting for a stray shot.   The green is long and undulating.   A birdie chance!

3rd Hole

Par: 4/5 … Index: 4/11

Blue: 446yds
White: 418yds
Green: 401yds
Red: 374yds

A great hole!    Your drive requires a long carry to an elevated fairway, from there a long approach shot is required to reach the raised green bunkered to the front and with a steep fall off at the back.   Be happy with a par.

4th Hole

Par: 5 …Index: 18/9

Blue: 475yds
White: 472yds
Green: 463yds
Red: 423yds

The Klondyke!   Designed by Old Tom Morris and virtually untouched for over 100 years.  The drive is from a tee backing onto the Atlantic Ocean to a narrow fairway located in between towering sand dunes, your blind 2nd shot is played over a 35′ sand dune towards the distant green.   A memorable hole and a birdie chance.

5th Hole

Par: 3 …Index: 16/15

Blue: 154yds
White: 148yds
Green: 143yds
Red: 118yds

The world famous Dell!  A unique hole, a short blind par 3 with the long shallow green located between two 30′ high sand dunes.   A stone on the hill indicates the hole location.   Enjoy and consider that Old Tom Morris designed this hole in the 1890’s, Alister MacKenzie and Martin Hawtree left it untouched.

6th Hole

Par: 4 …Index: 2/1

Blue: 424yds
White: 412yds
Green: 393yds
Red: 331yds

Another excellent hole.   A difficult tee shot towards the ocean to a raised fairway leaves a challenging 2nd shot to a long undulating green.    Don’t be distracted by the beautiful views from the fairway.   Par and smile.

7th Hole

Par: 4 …Index: 6/5

Blue: 411yds
White: 366yds
Green: 349yds
Red: 295yds

This hole is regarded as one of the finest on the course.   Another challenging tee shot requiring a long carry to a raised fairway.   The 2nd shot is played to a narrow elevated green perched high above the ocean.   Enjoy the views.

8th Hole

Par: 3 … Index: 12/13

Blue: 166yds
White: 156yds
Green: 147yds
Red: 128yds

A super medium length par 3.  An uphill tee shot to an undulating green and a lovely walk through sand dunes on you way to a par!

9th Hole

Par: 4 … Index: 10/17

Blue: 400yds
White: 391yds
Green: 355yds
Red: 245yds

Keep your tee shot towards the left side of the green allowing for the easiest 2nd shot.   This is a 60 yard long green with a bank to the right side offering some help.   Avoid going left with your 2nd shot.

10th Hole

Par: 4 …Index: 3/2

Blue: 441yds
White: 424yds
Green: 403yds
Red: 362yds

Another of Lahinch’s great holes.   A strong par 4/5 requiring a tee shot ideally to the right side of the fairway.  The 2nd shot is to a well protected raised green – with typical MacKenzie undulations.

11th Hole

Par: 3 …Index: 13/14

Blue: 170yds
White: 156yds
Green: 141yds
Red: 105yds

One of Martin Hawtree’s new additions to Lahinch.   A demanding par 3 played against a stunning backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean and Liscannor village.   You’re unlikely to get a par if you miss this green.

12th Hole

Par: 5 …Index: 9/6

Blue: 577yds
White: 514yds
Green: 494yds
Red: 460yds

A short par 5 with the Inagh River and out of bounds all along your left.   A deep mine awaits a drive sent too far right.   The small green is very well protected and presents a challenging shot to the strongest of players.   A birdie chance – but often a bogey.

13th Hole 

Par: 4 … Index: 17/12

Blue: 279yds
White: 267yds
Green: 250yds
Red: 230yds

A wonderful short par 4.   Driveable for the long hitter but stray off line and you are severely penalised with a deep mine to your right and challenging bunkers on the left.   A long undulating 3 tier green will test your touch.

14th Hole

Par: 4/5 …Index: 5/10

Blue: 461yds
White: 451yds
Green: 429yds
Red: 429yds

A strong demanding hole requiring an accurate drive to a narrow fairway.   The 2nd shot is played over two sand dunes to another undulating green.   Par a good score here.

15th Hole 

Par: 4/5 …Index: 1/16

Blue: 466yds
White: 439yds
Green: 428yds
Red: 374yds

Our toughest hole.  A long par 4/5 requiring another good drive followed by a long slightly uphill 2nd shot.  Again par and smile!

16th Hole 

Par: 3…Index: 11/18

Blue: 195yds
White: 192yds
Green: 175yds
Red: 128yds

A downhill par-3 from an elevated tee to a well protected and undulating green     Another hole where a par is rare if you miss the green.

17th Hole

Par: 4…Index: 7/8

Blue: 436yds
White: 408yds
Green: 398yds
Red: 318yds

The final par 4 and another test.    The drive requires a long carry to reach the faiway and the 2nd shot is played to a green protected by two classic Alister MacKenzie bunkers.

18th Hole

Par: 5/4…Index: 15/4

Blue: 534yds
White: 503yds
Green: 497yds
Red: 354yds

The finishing hole is a birdie chance for the strong hitter.   A par 5/4 the ideal line for your 2nd shot is left side of the fairway allowing an approach towards a flat green with a false front.

Full course information found at lahinchgolf.com

Castle Course

Hole 1Hole 2Hole 3Hole 4Hole 5Hole 6Hole 7Hole 8Hole 9Hole 10Hole 11Hole 12Hole 13Hole 14Hole 15Hole 16Hole 17Hole 18

Hole 1

Par: 4 … Index: 6 / 4

White: 358yds
Green: 343yds
Red: 332yds


An excellent opening hole where a good drive leaves you with a medium to short shot to an elevated green protected with bunkers to the front.

Hole 2

Par: 3 … Index: 4 /10

White: 192yds
Green: 181yds
Red: 174yds


A long par 3 often requiring a fairway wood to reach the green.  Be happy with a par!

Hole 3

Par: 3 … Index: 18 /12

White: 157yds
Green: 153yds
Red: 152yds

A mid iron par 3 which needs to be solidly hit to overcome the bunkers protecting the front of the green.

Hole 4

Par: 5 … Index: 14 /2

White: 449yds
Green: 442yds
Red: 411yds


A shortish par 5 generally played into the prevailing wind.   The green is protected by a drain requiring a key decision for the 2nd shot, play safe and lay up or risk all and go for the green and probable birdie.

Hole 5

Par: 4 … Index: 16 /16

White: 248yds
Green: 240yds
Red: 237yds

A reachable par 4 however mis-hit or stray off line and you’ll be happy with par.

Hole 6

Par: 3 … Index: 2 /14

White: 211yds
Green: 202yds
Red: 135yds

An outstanding par 3 which would grace the Old Course.   Over 200 yards across a valley to a protected green.  Enjoy a par!

Hole 7

Par: 3 … Index: 12 /18

White: 116yds
Green: 114yds
Red: 114yds

A little over 100 yards towards Dough Castle, hit the green or else!

Hole 8

Par: 4 … Index: 8/ 8

White: 275yds
Green: 273yds
Red: 255yds

Risk – reward!  A tee shot over marsh land offers you the choice to bite of what you dare!   The two-tier green is well protected with three bunkers.

Hole 9

Par: 5 … Index: 10 /6

White: 491yds
Green: 486yds
Red: 413yds

A par 5 with a drain 120 yards short of the green.   A birdie chance to finish the front 9.

Hole 10

Par: 3 … Index: 13 /11

White: 180yds
Green: 159yds
Red: 151yds

Another excellent lengthy par 3! A long narrow green protected by a deep bunker oftens proves an elusive target. Par is always a good score .

Hole 11

Par: 4 … Index: 5 / 3

White: 363yds
Green: 348yds
Red: 335yds

A strong dog-leg par 4 requiring an accurate drive and a 2nd shot to a shallow severely sloping green.  Be careful above the pin!

Hole 12

Par: 4/5 … Index: 1 /9

White: 442yds
Green: 435yds
Red: 411yds

Index 1!   A strong par 4 requiring 2 good shots to reach your target.   Par always a good score here.

Hole 13

Par: 3 … Index: 15 /17

White: 149yds
Green: 144yds
Red: 141yds

A medium length par 3 to a small green well protected.    Don’t be long!

Hole 14

Par: 4 … Index: 17 /15

White: 275yds
Green: 272yds
Red: 273yds

A short par 4 with a drain protecting the green 30 yards short.   A birdie chance.

Hole 15

Par: 5/4 … Index: 9 /1

White: 517yds
Green: 507yds
Red: 359yds

A well designed par 5, while not long the green is well protected and requires a well placed shot to set up a birdie chance.

Hole 16

Par: 4 … Index: 7 / 7

White: 331yds
Green: 324yds
Red: 282yds

A short par 4 with out-of-bounds all along the left side.   The two-tier green is protected by a large front bunker

Hole 17

Par: 4 … Index: 3 / 5

White: 386yds
Green: 377yds
Red: 372yds

A very strong par 4 usually played into the prevailing wind.   A dog-leg left to a small raised green with water left of the green.   Par is always a good score here.

Hole 18

Par: 4 … Index: 11 /13

White: 348yds
Green: 344yds
Red: 302yds

A short par 4 to finish.  The right line off the tee over the lake is important to find the narrow undulating fairway.

Full course information found at lahinchgolf.com